Stockton, California is a city on the rise. Once the foreclosure capital of America and the largest city before Detroit to declare bankruptcy, Stockton is now ranked the second most fiscally solvent city in the nation. Crime rates are dropping, our population is growing, and the local economy is in recovery. But despite this progress, problems persist and the people of Stockton, especially our youth, remain behind the rest of the nation. Only 35% of our students are college-ready by graduation, and we have a youth unemployment rate that exceeds 30%.

Stockton’s children deserve every opportunity to succeed. That’s why, in January 2018, Mayor Michael D. Tubbs secured an initial donation of $20 million to launch the Stockton Scholars program. The Stockton Scholars involves targeted financial support for students and investment in ‘wraparound supports’ that will boost college and career access- including strengthened college counseling, SAT preparation, support to maximize financial aid, and financial mentorship. Our team also collaborates with key community partners to build a world-class cradle-to-career pipeline that helps our children realize their full potential.