Janae Aptaker

Director of Stockton Scholars Program & Strategy

Email: janae@stocktonscholars.org

Janae Aptaker is the Director of the Stockton Scholars Program & Strategy. Stockton Scholars is a program component of the Reinvent Stockton Foundation, a charitable organization that aims to expand opportunity and build hope by attracting resources into Stockton and investing in our city's people.  

Janae is a California native at heart and spent time growing up in both the Bay Area and Los Angeles. The seed for Janae’s career in education was planted in New York City during her time as a graduate student intern with NYU Metro Center for Research on Equity & Transformation of Schools. There, she developed a passion for data-based program development and advocacy services for urban youth.   

Janae is an advisory member for California Afterschool Network’s Site Coordinator Work Group.  Additionally, she is an advisory member of the Northern California College Promise Coalition and the Youth Development Planning Group in Stockton.

Janae enjoys hiking and is a semi-aspiring wine & cheese connoisseur. When she is not advocating for Stockton’s students and families, she enjoys spending time with her husband Lee, her two sons and her super cute English Bulldog named Madeline.

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