OUR Mission

Stockton Scholars aims to dramatically increase the number of Stockton students who enter and complete higher education within the next ten years.

We pursue this vision through:
– a place-based, guaranteed scholarship* for Stockton public school kids starting with the class of 2019
– targeted support through the college application process, and
– hosting events and campaigns that build a city-wide college-going culture, including Stockton Scholars Signing Day.

Why Launch the Stockton Scholars?

Higher education has for decades served as a gateway to the middle class and a key part of the path to the American Dream. College graduates, on average, earn 56% more than high school graduates, face lower risks of unemployment, and are more likely to contribute to retirement plans, own homes, and be married.

For Stockton to grow as a community, every child deserves the opportunity to pursue higher education. We know that there are still too many barriers for our kids to make the jump from K-12 to college and career training.
Based on historical data, for every ten students who start in Stockton Unified schools:


Enter high school from 8th grade


Graduate from HS on time


Graduate college (A-G) ready


Finishes higher education on time
Stockton Scholars


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