We are excited to bring you an update for our program attendance requirement this year. The dream of Stockton Scholars since 2018 was to bring resources to you all that would help you get to and through higher education. One of those is the scholarship, which will remain the same, and the other pieces are connected to the support we can offer you as an organization. In the past, to be eligible for the scholarship you would need to attend one summit, either the Summer or Winter Summit. Now, you are going to have a choice in what makes the most sense for you given your educational journey.

Winter & Summer Summit

Winter & Summer Summit are community-based learning experiences that provide opportunities to learn from peers, experts, and leaders, and build a support network. Students are required to attend One summit (full day) in order to me the scholarship renewal requirement. Successful completion of one summit in the 2023-2024 academic year will satisfy part of the renewal requirement.

Mentorship Program

Stockton Scholars connects college students with mentors who provide guidance and resources throughout their higher education journey. Mentors and mentees form a reciprocal relationship, where mentors share their success and experience, and mentees provide fresh perspectives and renewed passion.

Ambassador Program

College Ambassadors are agents of change who promote college and career knowledge, community-building, and near-peer support in Stockton and on their school campuses. By sharing their stories and expertise, College Ambassadors enhance their professional skills, grow their network, and inspire younger generations to join the Stockton Scholars program.

Professional Learning Community

Stockton Scholars’ Professional Learning Community offers a learning series that focuses on leadership development, career support, and life skills, with sessions held throughout the year. The series aims to teach students the importance of developing hard and soft skills, leadership cultivation, community engagement, and relationship-building strategies.

Summer of Success Program

The program aims to support college students in achieving their goals by providing workshops that help them navigate higher education, balance their lives, and build their personal brand and network. Participants will learn various strategies for succeeding in college, including navigating the unspoken rules of higher education, balancing academics and personal life, and building a strong community.