Stronger Together: The Mutual Benefits of Mentoring on our Community

~~Mentors and mentees, such as Nik Howard and Angela Estrada, share how participation in the Mentor Program has shaped their identities and community involvement. With the goal of aiding undergraduate students in persisting through higher education and transitioning into successful careers, the program seeks 200 mentors for the upcoming academic year. By offering mentorship, individuals have the opportunity to make a profound difference in the lives of Stockton scholars, ensuring their access to guidance and support as they pursue their goals.~~

2024 Mentor Program Launch Press Release

–Stockton Scholars is seeking Mentors to Join Mentor Program for Stockton Scholars Students–

Join the Mentor Movement with Stockton Scholars!

The Stockton Scholars program releases their op-ed on mentoring which emphasizes the transformative impact of mentoring on personal and professional development, citing personal experiences and statistics to underscore the importance of mentorship in building a thriving workforce and fostering a cycle of success within communities.

Stockton Scholars Theory of Change

The Stockton Scholars program releases their Theory of Change. The document analyzes problems, areas of change, impact strategies, along with our core values.

Michael D. Tubbs Letter

My hometown of Stockton, with a population of over 315,000 people, has a long history of public and private disinvestment. As a city, Stockton initially gained prominence as one of the largest cities in American history to declare bankruptcy, we once had the highest violent crime rate per capita in California, and we remain the largest city in our state without a public degree-granting university.

Reinvent Stockton Foundation Annual Report

When we launched the Reinvent Stockton Foundation (RSF) in 2017, it was to build hope and expand opportunity by investing in Stockton’s people. Informed by our experiences in this beautiful, diverse, high-potential city, the RSF team envisioned a world in which all children receive the support needed to succeed in college, in careers, and in their communities.

Stockton Scholars Racial Injustice Statement

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this message to each of you, given the events of the past week with our country facing the fallout of hundreds of years of systematic racial injustice and civil unrest; most recently with the horrific circumstances surrounding the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. It goes without saying that the impact is hitting particularly hard against the backdrop of a global pandemic.