Dear Stockton Scholars Family, Community and Supporters,

My hometown of Stockton, with a population of over 315,000 people, has a long history of public and private disinvestment. As a city, Stockton initially gained prominence as one of the largest cities in American history to declare bankruptcy, we once had the highest violent crime rate per capita in California, and we remain the largest city in our state without a public degree-granting university. These statistics coupled with the devastating life outcomes for many of the young people in Stockton, led me to advocate and obtain a $20million dollar donation from the Spiegel Family Foundation in order to create a college promise program that has the resources to make intentional investments in Stockton’s youth through the provision of scholarship support to students for higher education.

In just two short years of the program, we’ve awarded over $3 million dollars in scholarship funds to more than 2000 students with limitless aspirations and dreams for their future.  We are confident that this strategy to walk alongside our students through their post secondary journeys will result in an improved educational, social and economic landscape for some of our most marginalized students in the Northern CA region. I remain resolute that talent and intellect are universal but resources and opportunities are not; as such, we look forward to providing scholarships to Stockton youth for many years to come to ensure that we continue to lift as we climb both as a community and a generation.

Do More & Be More,

Michael D. Tubbs

Founder & Board Chair, Reinvent Stockton Foundation

Stockton Mayor, 2016-2020

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