We aim to engage and inspire young people and uplift their voices on campus and in the community. College Ambassadors are role models for their peers, and help to guide students as they navigate college and career challenges. College Ambassadors help plan events, campaigns, and workshops that guide students as they acclimate to college and adulthood. Additionally, College Ambassadors serve as liaisons between their peers and Stockton Scholars staff to provide them with valuable knowledge, insights, resources & opportunities. 

The first cohort of College Ambassadors was recruited in 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic. Students opted into workshops where they grew their confidence, skills, and networks. Many years later, we are excited to welcome a new group of College Ambassadors to help us build community with scholars directly on their college campuses and in-person.

This year, we will be focusing on building community on campuses that our college-aged students attend. Our goal is for students to feel a sense of belonging and connection at their schools and with their peers.

Applications for the College Ambassador Program will open in Spring 2024.


Youth engagement and uplifting the youth voice have always been at the center of Stockton Scholars. The original High School Ambassador cohort was recruited in 2019, and their impact was felt almost immediately. Under the leadership of Griselda Rojas, the ambassadors hit the ground running, assisting with workshops at the Hub (1700 S Eldorado St), and representing Stockton Scholars at community/school events. Most importantly, the ambassadors served as liaisons between their peers and Stockton Scholars outreach staff. 

Unfortunately, placed on hold in 2021 due to pandemic-related restrictions, the Stockton Scholars High School Ambassador program has been overdue for a re-launch! So, in June 2023, the new High School Ambassador Cohort, kicked off their ambassador year with a service project at the Ted & Chris Robb Community Garden at the Univerisity of the Pacific, and ended the day with a campus tour. 

Stockton Scholars High School Ambassadors are community and campus leaders who promote and drive a college-going culture by being vocal about the resources and opportunities available to help all students achieve their after high school (postsecondary) goals. 

2024-2025 Cohort Applications open in Spring 2024

QUESTIONS? Email our Stockton Scholars Staff at ambassadors@stocktonscholars.org